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Our goal is to craft a message that delivers and communicate, leaving an impression on your ideal clients. A great message simply helps to connect with your viewers deeper and increase the conversion at any stage of your sale’s process.


Prepare Your Project

Your video journey will begin on the Authentic Filmworks platform, where you’ll kick off your project and share the goals and details that will set us up for success. Then, our production and creative teams will get to work on your creative concept and the logistics required to bring your vision to life.


Lights, Camera, Action!

On production day, we’ll capture the footage we’ve laid out in your call sheet (based on your script/storyboard). If your project only requires animation, stock footage, or previously-shot footage, you’ll skip this step and move straight to post-production.


Finishing Touches

Our editors will work their magic, carefully weaving your clips, audio, and graphics or effects into the perfect story. When you approve your video edit, we’ll deliver the final video files and celebrate another great project in the books!

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A very dedicated production team, that aims to help you convey your company’s message and values to your beloved consumers.

Client Testimonials

What our Clients have to say

"This example for Carlthorp School is unique because it lets the kids speak for themselves about why they like their school. As a parent deciding where to send your child to school, you’re making a “purchasing” decision that doesn’t just affect you but also affects the child you’re sending there. In that sense, what more authentic recommendation can you get for a school than one from the ultimate customer—the kids themselves?"

John Doe


"By offering a range of varied customer testers alongside a range of varied alcohols to test with the flask, Magic Flask is able to capture multiple reactions across a variety of different products. If this testimonial doesn’t pique your interest in the Magic Flask, we don’t know what would!"

Jane Doe

National Sale Representative

Expert storytelling meets data-driven results.

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These are the usual projects our team takes in.
For customary requests, additional questions, particular details and Others

Voiceover is provided on the "Premium" listing only. It is available on the other packages for an additional $100. Our roster includes a standard North American Male or Female young-middle age voice. If you require something more specific, send us a message!

No! We’ll handle all of these pre-production details for you. If you have specific actors, locations, or props in mind, we can almost always incorporate them into the project. But, if not, we’ll tackle these logistics steps so your team doesn’t have to. The only exception is product videos, where we’ll need a sample of your product to film.

Your project’s timeline will depend on a number of factors, like how many videos you’re creating, your video length and complexity, and how quickly your team can provide feedback throughout the process. Generally speaking, a typical production can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete. We can often accommodate rush turnarounds, so make sure to share any deadlines with our team so we can create an appropriate timeline.

You will be expected to pay for and ship the products you wish to film to our Vancouver, Canada location. Please note if there are DUTIES or TAXES, we kindly require you to cover these before/after shipment of your item and may request reimbursement if we have to cover them to receive your product.

Yes, but only in the Professional and Premium listings. If you require extensive effects (touch-ups on product defects, post-production color changes, more kinematic/dynamic logo animation) - please contact us ahead of time and select the Premium listing.

Yes. Each project is different. We prefer you reach out to us to discuss each project and its needs prior to beginning production.

Absolutely. While many of our clients rely on our video expertise to come up with a creative concept, others already have a brief and just need an execution partner. We’ve had success with many world-class companies that already had detailed briefs when they started working with us. In these cases, our role is to bring your creative vision to life and exceed your wildest expectations. And yes, we always deliver.