Conquering Trails: How We Captured the Blazing Journey of Troxus' T-Rex 27.5 E-Bike

Conquering Trails: How We Captured the Blazing Journey of Troxus’ T-Rex 27.5 E-Bike

About the Client

Embark on an adventure with Troxus and their T-Rex e-bike, a versatile marvel designed for the thrill-seekers and urban explorers alike. Troxus is more than just about bikes; it’s at the forefront of inspiring people to live a mobile and active life. Providing durable, capable, and fun electric bicycles for both transport and recreation, Troxus is committed to enhancing your journey towards a healthier, more adventurous lifestyle.

Fun Fact

Hold onto your helmets, folks, because here’s a nugget of biking brilliance: did you know that the roots of mountain biking trace back to none other than Vancouver? Yep, you heard it right! The birthplace of this heart-racing sport sets the stage for our adventure, weaving a tapestry of history and modern-day marvels.

The Goal (Client Requirement)

Our journey with Troxus began with a clear vision: to capture the adventurous spirit of mountain biking and the laid-back charm of city cruising in one electrifying video.

To bring out this thrill, we aimed not just to make a video but to create an adventure that invites viewers to imagine themselves tearing through mountains and exploring city streets, making them feel every bump and breeze as if they were right there with the bikers, evoking a sense of excitement and wanderlust.

The Challenge

Capturing the essence of mountain biking requires careful planning and execution. Due to the challenging terrain, moving the camera swiftly is often impractical. Instead, a strategic approach is needed. By carefully selecting key corners and positioning the cameras closer to the ground, we can emphasize the speed and thrill of the ride. To truly convey the exhilaration, proximity to the bikers is essential. Placing the camera in close proximity to the mountain bikers as they navigate the terrain adds a sense of excitement and intensity to the footage, immersing viewers in the adrenaline-pumping experience.

Another challenge calls for our attention. Like any great adventure, we needed skilled individuals to conquer it. Our team searched diligently for expert mountain bikers who could navigate every twist and tame the rugged terrain with the T-Rex’s remarkable capabilities.

The Solution

With our expert mountain bikers on board, we made sure every moment was captivating. We maintained a dynamic pace with a variety of shots and transitions to keep the excitement high. We achieved an outcome with a seamless fusion of thrill and adrenaline-pumping experiences that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next adventure.

In the studio, we seamlessly blended creativity with boldness. Skillfully manipulating shades of blue to complement the T-Rex’s vibrant hue, and strategically utilizing smoke machines to add an element of intrigue, we elevated the atmosphere to one of sophistication and allure.

Ultimately, we’ve captured an exhilarating experience for both thrill-seekers and urban explorers alike.

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